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Week 5: Your Target Market

After looking at the two diaper websites, I couldn't really notice a specific tie to any demographics. I did notice that Econobum was geared more towards people that are more environmentally conscious and that Just Cheap Diapers was geared towards people that want good diapers at a cheap price. 

The founder of Just Cheap Diapers tried to appeal to parents that have multiple children by mentioning that they themselves had four children that they needed to provide with diapers. In a way, they were implying that by using Just Cheap Diapers, the user wont have to go through the struggle the founder did. Again, they also provide a giant link announcing their monthly special offer and the buyers opportunity to save money. On the other hand, Econobum is really trying their best to appeal to the buyers desire to help. They provide personal anecdotes and explain how they are giving back to the environment and people in need. That, I believe, is their main form of appeal.

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